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Hánná sahá saháin.
Hanna saws with a saw.
Cuoppu lea láddos.
The frog is in the pond.
Láđus leat sáhpánat.
There are mice in the lavvu.
Almmis lea mánnu.
In the sky is the moon.
Ruoŧŧa lea riika.
Sweden is rich.
Mus lea okta oabbá ja guokte vielja.
I have one sister and two brothers.
Eatnis leat mánát.
The mother has children.
Ádjás lea burru.
The old man has an ox.
Siessá láibu.
The aunt bakes.
Oahpaheaddji namma lea Anne.
The teacher's name is Anne.
Čuvlla addá Ellii.
The dress is given to Elle.
Áhkku borrá bierggu.
Grandmother eats the meat.
Don lávllut lávlaga.
You sing a song.
Divrrit ellet geassit.
Insects live in the summer.
Čakča lea galmmas.
The autumn is cold.
Biggá ii beroš.
Bigga doesn't care.