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Áhku fanas lea johkagáttis.
Grandma's boat is on the riverside.
Mu oabbá lea nieida.
My sister is a girl.
Morten lea gánda.
Morten is a boy.
Dá lea mu eadni, áhčči, oabbá ja viellja.
Here is my mom, dad, sister, and brother.
Láilá orru Billávuonas.
Laila lives in Billefjord.
Son orru Tromssas.
He lives in Tromso.
Ánddes lea ođđa vuogga.
Ande has a new fishhook.
Mun čuohpan skieraiguin.
I cut with scissors.
Moai letne ustibat.
We are friends.
Mii du oappá namma lea?
What's your sister's name?
Jussá jáddada dola.
Jussa puts out the fire.
Don leat nieida.
You are a girl.