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Sunnás lea unna násti.
Sunna has a small star.
Guive manná buvdii.
Guive goes to the shop.
Goaski gávnnai čoarvvi.
Aunt found the antlers.
Son lea álás.
He is naked.
Oarri čohkká oavssis.
The squirrel sits on the branch.
Dá lea mu eadni.
This is my mom.
Nillá cahkkeha dola.
Nilla lights the fire.
Son lea barggus.
She is at work.
Káre lohká girjji.
Kare reads a book.
Mun sádden reivve.
I sent the letter.
Gáiccas lea bieža.
The goat has a tail.