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Sunnás lea lámpá.
Sunna has a lamp.
Láilá lea ilus.
Laila is happy.
Bussa lea unni.
The cat is small.
Dá lea juvla.
It is a wheel.
Nillá bivdá hárriid.
Nilla fishes/hunts for grayling.
Nillá bassá gáffala.
Nilla washes the fork.
Elle lea unni.
Elle is small.
Lávvu lea váris.
The lavvu is on the mountain.
Dá lea gákti.
It is a gakti.
Fárppal lea olgun.
The barrel is outside.
Geres lea olgun.
The boat-sled is outside.
Kirste manná skuvlii.
Kirste goes to school.