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Gos mu peanna lea?
Where is my pen?
Morten sihkkelastá skuvlii.
Morten bikes to school.
Heasttas lea vársá.
The horse has a foal.
Son coggá buvssaid.
He wears pants.
Áiles leat alit čalmmit.
Aile has blue eyes.
Lea galmmas.
It's cold.
Son čohkkeda reŋkui.
She sits on the stool.
Káre liiko lohkat.
Kare likes to read.
Máhtte lea šlundi.
Mahtte is sad.
Muoŧŧá gálaša.
The aunt bathes.
Mánná boahtá áhku lusa.
The child comes to the grandmother.
Sii vižžet čázi.
They pick up the water.