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Son orru gávpogis.
He lives in a city.
Mun maid orun gávpogis.
I also live in a city.
Rieban suoláda ruđaid.
The fox steals money.
Gussa lea dimis.
The cow is soft.
Oabbá lea lanjas
Sister is in the room.
Mus ii leat beana.
I don't have a dog.
Sárá bažii gusa.
Sara milks the cow.
Mis lea goahti.
We have a goahti.
Mun balan sáhpánis.
I'm afraid of the mouse.
Siessá vuoššá biergomáli.
The aunt cooks meat soup.
Son lea nisu.
She is a woman.
Son bassá guoli dolas.
She cooks the fish in the fire.
Gumpe holvu.
The wolf howls.