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Káre lea šaldi alde.
Kare is on the bridge.
Čakčat gahččet lasttat.
Leaves fall in the autumn.
Hanne lea márkanis, dadjá Morten.
Hanne is at the market, says Morten.
Mun boran bierggu.
I eat meat.
Elle moriha.
Elle wakes.
Mun sihkkelasttán skuvlii.
I bicycle to school.
Lávžán lea divri.
A horsefly is a bug.
Son lea mu eanu.
He is my uncle.
Bohccos leat čoarvvit.
Reindeer have antlers.
Son coggá čuvlla.
She wears a dress.
Eadni lea min fárus.
Mom is with us.