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Nillá manná lávvui.
Nilla goes to the lavvu.
Son orru ruovttus.
He lives at home.
Sunná gállá jogas.
Sunna bathes in the river.
Gánda njuohtá gova.
The boy paints a picture.
Lásse lea lávus.
Lasse is in the lavvu.
Dat gávdná sarrihiid.
It finds blueberries.
Sáijá ballá gumppes.
Saija is afraid of the wolf.
Lávus lea bivdi.
The hunter is in the lavvu.
Ádjás lea stuorra čoavji.
The old man has a large stomach.
Son orru unna gilážis.
She lives in a small village.
Eadni manná girkui.
Mom goes to church.