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Bivdi fárus lea ciiku.
The (female) dog is with the hunter.
Násttit čuvget almmis.
The stars light up in the sky.
Gálbbis lea divga.
The calf has a bell.
Káisá lohkkada uvssa.
Kaisa locks the door.
Káre lohká ollu.
Kare reads a lot.
Biggá lea šlundi.
Bigga is sad.
Sus lea ođđa gielká.
He has a new toboggan.
Muoŧá návehis leat gusat ja okta gálbi.
In the aunt's cowshed there are cows and one calf.
Leat suvra joŋat.
They are sour lingonberries.
Lásse manná Lená lusa.
Lasse goes to Lena.
Ánne goddá stuorra guoli.
Anne kills a large fish.