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Hánná huiká.
Hanna shouts.
Jávrris lea fanas.
The boat is in the lake.
Son goarru luhka.
He sews a cape.
Káres lea alit gákti.
Kare has a blue gakti.
Árranis lea dolla.
The fire is in the fireplace.
Ánne áigu gálašit.
Anne is going to bathe.
Sáijás lea ođđa boagán.
Saija has a new belt.
Mun stoagan skuvllas.
I play at school.
Ále gále Sunná, lea galmmas!
Don't wash Sunna, it's cold.
Du peanna lea ildus.
Your pen is on the shelf.
Lea arvi ja galmmas.
It's raining and cold
Sunná lea Ánne mánná.
Sunna is Anne's child.