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Lásses lea hálgu.
Lasse has a log.
Joris lea lávka.
Jori has a rucksack.
Hánsa láibu gáhkku.
Hansa bakes a cake.
Juffás lea fanas.
Juffa has a boat.
Gávttis lea holbi.
There is the holbi (the decorate rim part) on the gakti.
Son manná sisa.
He goes inside.
Gáissás lea jassa.
There is snow on the mountaintop.
Dá lea Lisa mánná.
This is Lisa's child.
Joris lea sihkkel.
Jori has a bicycle.
Biggá borrá márffi.
Bigga eats a sausage.
Dá lea gáibi.
Here is the chin.
Jogas leat ollu guolit.
There are a lot of fish in the river.
Fális lea mearas.
The whale is in the ocean.