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Mun sugan.
I row (a boat)
Mus lea reivve.
I have a letter.
Mánát čikčet spáppa.
The children kick (play with) the ball.
Jussá bivdá jogas.
Jussa fishes in the river.
Dá lea Ánne reivve.
It is Anne's letter.
Uksa lea lohkas.
The door is locked.
Johka golgá.
The river flows.
Lásse orru dálus.
Lasse lives in the farm house.
Mus lea govva.
I have a picture.
Gussa lea hiŋgalis.
The cow is in the cowstall.
Buvsas lea lubma.
The pants have a pocket.
Dá lea luhkka.
It is a cape.
Sunná manná.
Sunna goes.