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Mánnu lea almmis.
The moon is in the sky.
Lásses lea loddi.
Lasse has a bird.
Mis lea návet.
We have a cowshed.
Lásse bážii bissuin.
Lasse shoots with a gun.
Dá lea mu seaŋga.
Here is my bed.
Lásse ballá sáhpánis.
Lasse is afraid of the mouse.
Uksa lea rabas.
The door is closed.
Márjjás lea bussá.
Marjja has a cat.
Ánne lea lávus.
Anne is in the lavvu.
Mis lea dorte.
We have a weaving wheel.
Biggá manná stohpui.
Bigga goes to the livingroom.
Mánná ballá beatnagis.
The child is afraid of the dog.