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Loddi lea muoras.
The bird is in the tree.
Guive coggá gápmagiid.
Guive wears shoes.
Mun boađán bussiin skuvlii
I come to school by bus.
Cubbot leat láddos.
There are frogs in the pond.
Oaksi doddjo ja oarri gahččá.
The branch breaks and the squirrel falls.
Lea stuorra šaldi.
It is a big bridge.
Lea, mus lea viellja.
Yes, I have a brother.
Dolla buollá.
The fire burns.
áhkku ii sáhte boahtit.
Grandmother can't come.
Mánná ja mánnu.
The child and the moon.
Ealga ballá go fuomáša bidvi.
The moose is scared when it discovers the hunter.
Áillus leat divrrit.
Ailu has insects.
Gáica borrá rásiid.
The goat eats the grass.