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Garjá girdá almmis.
The crow flies in the sky.
Lea go dus beana?
Do you have a dog?
Káre bahčá gusa.
Kare milks a cow.
Ánde čálla reivve.
Ande writes a letter.
Káre bassá báiddi.
Kare washes the shirt.
Muoŧŧá lea eatni oabbá.
The aunt is the mother's sister.
Elle borrá mani.
Elle eats an egg.
Dus lea fáhcca.
You have gloves.
Johka šuvvá.
The river whirs.
Hánsa coggá báiddi.
Hansa wears a sweater.
Sáve lea čorraga luhtte.
Save is with the reindeer flock.
Mánná manná dievvái.
The child goes to the knoll.