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Buorre beaivvi!
Good day!
Jo, giitu.
Yes, thank you.
Ii, giitu.
No, thank you.
Got dus manná?
How are you? How's it going?
Mii du namma lea?
What is your name?
Mu namma lea Biera.
My name is Per.
Man boaris don leat?
How old are you?
Mon lean guoktelot jagi boaris.
I am twenty years old.
Mon lean studeanta.
I am a student.
Gos don leat eret?
Where are you from?
Mon lean Ruoŧas.
I am from Sweden.
Maid don dajat?
What are you saying?
Orut go don dáppe?
Do you live here?
Mii dát lea?
What is this?