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Mon manan diibmobeali geažes.
I'm going in half an hour.
Vuolggát go don muinna dánsut?
Do you want to dance with me?
Munnos lea soahpamuš!
We two agree!
Maid don barggat dáppe?
What are you doing today?
Háliidat go don liegga juhkosa?
Do you want something warm to drink?
Čohkká go oktage dáin stuoluin?
Is there anyone sitting on these chairs?
Mon lean oahpahallamin sin giela.
I am learning their language.
Goas don boađát ruovttoluotta?
When are you coming back?
Leat go don leamaš Ásias?
Have you been to Asia?
Asttat go don otne eahkes?
Do you have time tonight?
Vuolggát go don juo?
Are you going already?
Attes munnje dan stuorimus gáhku.
Give me the biggest cake.
Mon lean nuorat go mu viellja.
I am younger than my brother.
Leat go dus min čoavdagat?
Do you have our key?
Sáhtát go don vuosehit munnje juoga iežá?
Can you show me something else?