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Leat go doppe olu olbmot?
Are there many people there?
Oččosin go mon geahččat borramušfálu?
Can I see the menu, please?
Maid don ihttin barggat?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Lea go guhkki dohko?
Is it far from here?
Goas giddejit dáppe?
When do they close here?
Got du mielas orui su filbma?
What do you think of his film?
Guđe riikkain leat don leamaš?
Which countries have you visited?
Sáhtášit go don veahkehit mu?
Can you help me, please?
Sáhtán go mon du veahkehit?
Can I help you?
Gosa mii sáhttit vuolgit?
Where can we go?
Leat go don leamaš dáppe ovdal?
Have you been here before?
Leat go don vuosttaš gearddi dáppe boradeamen?
Is it the first time you've eaten here?
Got dien dadjá sámegillii?
How do you say it in Sami?
Dát lea dutnje.
This is for you.
Bio lea ráđđeviesu bálddas.
The movie theater is next to the townhall.
Lea go dáppe galbma jugus?
Is there something cold to drink here?
Dat lea hui dehálaš.
It is very important.
Guldal mu.
Listen to me.
Sáhtát go don riŋget munnje ihttin?
Can you call me tomorrow?
Mii oaidnalit hede!
Bye for now /We'll see each other again