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Gos du rátnát leat?
Where are your friends?
Mon in dieđe.
I don't know.
Mii dáhpáhuvvá?
What happened?
Lea go dus borranhállu?
Are you hungry?
Sus lea ruhta.
He has money.
Let's go!
Maid don áiggut?
What do you want?
See you!
Gos don orut?
Where do you live?
Okta, guokte, golbma
One, two, three
Njeallje, vihtta, guhtta
Four, five, six
Gieža, gávcci, ovcci
Seven, eight, nine
Logi, oktanuppelohkái, guoktenuppelohkái
Ten, eleven, twelve
Golbmanuppelohkái, njealljenuppelohkái, vihttanuppelohkái
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
Guhttanuppelohkái, giežanuppelohkái, gávccinuppelohkái
Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen