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to think
Mon jurddašan din birra.
I am thinking of you.
Jurddašat go don sin birra?
Are you thinking about them?
Son jurddaša min birra.
She thinks about us.
to hear
Mon gulan su.
I hear him.
Gulat go don mu?
Do you hear me?
Gullá go son sin?
Does he hear them?
to understand
Mon in ipmir maidege.
I don't understand anything.
Ipmirdat go don maidege?
Do you understand anything?
Son ipmirda visot.
He understands everything.
Mii ipmirdit du.
We understand you.
Ipimrdehpet go dii mu?
Do you understand me?
Sii ipmirdit min.
They understand us.
Mon cummen du.
I kiss you.
Don cummet su.
You kiss her.
Son cumme su.
She kisses him.