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Guoktelogi, guoktelogiokta
Twenty, twentyone
Golbmalogi, njealljelogi, vihttalogi
Thirty, forty, fifty
Guhttalogi, giežalogi, gávccilogi
Sixty, seventy, eighty
Ovccilogi, ovccilogiokta, ovccilogiovcci
Ninety, ninetyone, ninety nine
Guoktelogiguokte, golbmalogiokta, njealljelogivihtta
Twentytwo, thirtyone, fortyfive
Vihttalogivihtta, guhttalogiguhtta, giežalogigieža
Fiftyfive, sixtysix, seventyseven
Giežalogiovcci, gávccilogigávcci, ovccilogiguhtta
Seventynine, eightyeight, ninetysix
čuođi, guoktečuođi, golbmačuođi
Hundred, two hundred, three hundred
Njeallječuođi, vihttačuođi, guhttačuođi
Four hundred, five hundred, six hundred
Giežačuođi, gávccičuođi, ovccičuođi
Seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred