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Jurddahat go don nieidda birra gean don oidnet ivttá eahkeda?
Are you thinking of the girl you saw last night?
In, mon jurddahan du birra.
No, I'm thinking of you.
Vuorddát go don soapmása?
Are you waiting for someone?
Jo, mon vuorddán rátná.
Yes, I'm waiting for a friend.
Mon jáhkán mon lean du oaidnán dáppe ovdal.
I think that I have seen you here before.
Hás don dajat nie buot nieiddaide!
I bet you tell it to all the girls!
Astet go don mannalit láibu meaddel?
Do you have time to go past by the baker?
In, muhto dagan dan ihttin.
No, but tomorrow I will.
Do lea olmmái gean birra mon muitalin dutnje.
There is the man I told you about.
Gos? Lea go son guhte hupmá nieiddain geas lea alit čuvla?
Where then? Is he talking to the girl in the blue dress?
Mon oidnen aiddo du ovddeš moarsi.
I just saw your ex-girlfriend.
Jus don oainnát fas su, de bivdde su riŋget munnje.
If you see her again, ask her to call me.
Son ii guođđán makkárge dieđu munnje.
He didn't tell me anything.
Dus lea joba su nummar, nu ahte don sáhtát riŋget sutnje vaikko goas.
You at least have his number, so you can always call him.