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Suinna go don jur ságastedje?
Was it her you talked to for a little while then?
In. Die lea su oabbá, soai leaba sullalagaid. Soai leaba jumežat.
No. It's her sister, but they are very similar to each other. The two are twins.
Mus leat guokte nuvttábileahta konsertii don beaivve.
I have two free tickets for the concert the day after tomorrow.
Oaččun go mon du mielde?
Can I come with?
Goas don bohtet diehke vuosttaš gearddi?
When did you come here for the first time?
Ferte leat ovdal go don riegádit. Mon ledjen dušše viđajahkásaš dalle.
It must have been before you were born. I was only five years then.
Son logai ahte son boahtá ruovttoluotta kvártta badjel gávccis.
He said he would come back at four o'clock over eight.
Jo, muhto dat lei ikte!
Yes, but it was yesterday!
Man guhká son ádjána bargat dan?
How long does he need to do it?
Mon in dieđe. Jeara sus alddis!
I don't know. Ask her yourself!
Mu oabbá dajai ahte son boahtá eahkedis.
My sister says that she's coming tonight.
Buorre! Mon illudan oaidnit su.
Great! I look forward to seeing her.
Dat lea buorre jurdda!
That's a good idea!
Mii dahkat dan dakkaviđe, ovdal go mii vajálduhttit dan.
Let's do it right away, before we forget it.
Manne don it jeara sus háliida go duinna dánsut?
Why don't you ask if she wants to dance with you?
Mon lean ila udju.
I'm too shy.