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Mon dieđán sii mákset unnimusat čuođi ruvnnu diimmus.
I know they pay at least one hundred dollars per hour.
Leat go don vissis?
Are you sure?
Mon sávan don liikojit biergomállásii. Háliidat go don lasi?
I hope you liked the meat soup? Do you want more?
I hope you liked the meat soup? Do you want more?
No thanks, I'm fine. (I'm satisfied)
Goas don vuolggát ruovttoluotta?
When do you go back?
Mon ferten vuolgit ruovttoluotta boahtte vahkus.
I have to go back next week.
Mon lean ohcamin barggu.
I'm looking for a job.
Makkár barggu leat don ohcamin?
What kind of job are you looking for?
Áiggut go don leat guhká dáppe?
Are you going to be here long?
Mon lean plánen leat unnimus jagi dáppe.
I have planned to be here at least one year.
Dán birra letne moai ovdal ságastan!
We've talked about this before!
Nu fal, boahtte gearddi divttán mon du máksit.
Okay, next time I'll let you pay.