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It go don liiko rockii?
Don't you like rock?
Jo, muhto mon liikon milloseappot oarjánsámedánssa go dánsun.
Yea, but I prefer South Sami dance when I dance.
Guđii go son dieđu dutnje?
Did she leave you a message?
Lämnade hon dig ett meddelande? Jo. Son háliida munno deaivvadit boahtte vahkus.
Yes, she wants to meet us next week.
Gii son lea?
Who is he?
Son dat oinnii mii dáhpáhuvai.
He's the one (it is he) who saw what happened.
Mon niegadin du birra mannan ija.
I dreamed about you last night.
Lei go čáppa niehku vai deddojit go don?
Was it a good dream or a nightmare?
Mon lean ovdal oaidnán su.
I saw her before.
Ánne dat lea. Son lea okta mu ođđa rátnáin.
That is Anne. She is one of my new friends.
Gallii leat don leamaš dáppe?
How many times have you been here before?
Mon lean nuppádis dáppe.
This is the second time I'm here.
Jáhkát go don ahte moai sáhtte luohttit sutnje?
Do you think that we can trust him?
Munnos ii leat eará ráđđi, moai letne addán sutnje buot iežame ruđaid.
We have no choice, we have given him all of our money.
Mon oahpahalašin áinnas vel ovtta giela.
I would have liked to have learned one more language.
Guđe giela don háliidivččet oahppat?
Which language would you like to learn?