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Ándagassii, gos lea apotehka?
Excuse me, where is the pharmacy?
Joatkke njuolga ovddos, de lea okta boahtte raŧŧesuorri, gurut bealde.
Continue straight ahead, and you will find one in the next intersection on the left.
Mon lean ohcan iežan eatni juohke sajis otne. Leat go don oaidnán su?
I've been looking for my mother everywhere today. Have you seen her?
Son ii leat dáppe.
She's not here.
Mun ferten hohpohallat, muđui mon in jovssa girdi.
I have to hurry, otherwise I'll miss my flight.
It go don báze mu lusa vel vahkkui?
Wouldn't you rather be here with me for another week?
Don leat jávkan guhká ruovttus. It go don váillat iežat veaga?
You have been away from home for a long time. Don't you miss your family?
Jo, muhto mus leat buorit ustibat dáppe.
Yea, but I have good friends here.
Mon lean čuohpahan ja báidnán vuovttaid odne.
I cut and dyed my hair today.
Jo, mon oainnán. Don leat oaidnit dego páhpegoijá!
Yes, I see that. You look like a parrot!
Mu mielas don berrešit dadjat dan seamma Bierai go dan maid don dadjet Ánnii.
I think you should say the same to Per as you told Anne.
Nu fal, mon čuovun du rávvaga.
Okay, I'll follow your advice.