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boahtit ruovttoluotta
to come back
mon lean boahtán ruovttoluotta
I have come back
don leat boahtán ruovttoluotta
you have come back
son lea boahtán ruovttoluotta
he has come back
moai letne boahtán ruovttoluotta
we two have come back
doai leahppi boahtán ruovttoluotta
you two have come back
soai leaba boahtán ruovttoluotta
they two have come back
to visit
mon galledan
I'm going to visit
don galledat
you're going to visit
son galleda
she is going to visit
mii galledit
we are going to visit
dii galledehpet
you all are going to visit
sii galledit
they are going to visit