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to bite
Mii gáskkahalaimet.
We got bit.
Gáská go dat?
Does it bite?
Gáská go dat mu?
Will it bite me?
to build
Divtte mu hukset dien!
Let me build it!
Leat go don hukset dan?
Have you built it?
Lehpet go dii huksen daid?
Have you built them?
to tell
Maid don muitalit?
What did you tell me?
Muital midjiide eanet!
Tell us more!
Áigot go sii muitalit buot?
Are you going to tell them everything?
to stop
Gii heaitá?
Who stops?
Dii heaitibehtet!
They stop!
Mii heaitit.
We stop.