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to get hurt/injured
Son vaháguvai.
He got hurt.
Vaháguvvet go don?
You have injured yourself?
Mon vaháguvven.
I got hurt.
to follow along
Mon čuvvon sin.
I followed them.
Sii galge čuovvut min.
They were supposed to come with us/to follow us.
Čuovo sin!
Follow them!
to hold
Doala dán!
Hold this!
Maid son doalai gieđas?
What is he holding in his hand?
Lehpet go dii doallan su?
Have you all kept him?
to close
Son giddii uvssa.
He closed the door.
Mii giddet dan.
We'll close it.
Dál lea dat giddejuvvon.
Now it is closed.