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to paint
Son lea málen su.
She painted him.
Maid don áiggut málet?
What will you paint?
Mon liikon málet.
I like to paint.
to meet
Moai deaivvadetne maŋŋil!
We'll meet later!
Sii eai goassaege deaivvadan.
They never meet.
Geainna don áiggut deaivvadit?
Who will you meet?
to call
Mon čurvon du.
I called you.
Čurvot go don mu?
Did you call me?
Lehpet go dii čurvon min?
Have you called us?
Sáhtán go mon čohkkedit?
Can I sit?
Sit down!
Galgat go mii čohkkedit?
Shall we sit?