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to think, to believe
Son jáhkii sutnje.
She believed him.
Maid dii jáhkkibehtet?
What do you all believe?
Dii berrešeiddet jáhkkit munnje!
You all should believe in me!
to play
Mon stohken singuin.
I played with them.
Háliidat go don stoahkat muinna?
Do you want to play together with me?
Sii stohke ovttas.
They two played together.
to open
Goas don rahpet dan?
When did you open it?
Leat go don rahpan daid?
Have you opened them?
Ale raba dan!
Don't open it!
to help
Gii du veahkehii?
Who helped you?
Sáhtán go mon veahkehit din?
Can I help you?
Sii veahkehuvvojedje.
They were helped.