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Mii birgiimet bures, muhto sii birgejedje buorebut.
We did well, but they did better.
Buoret joavku vuittii, muhto lei dássedis gilvu.
The best team won, but it was an even match.
Sii bidje vuosttaš moala go ledje gollan gieža ja bealle minuhta.
They shot the first goal after seven and a half minutes.
Gilvu heitojuvvui heajos dálkki geažil.
The competition was canceled due to bad weather.
Čájáhus lihkostuvai bures ja rámiduvvui sakka!
The performance was a success and received brilliant criticism.
Jus mii vuolgit Nationálagalleriijai, de mii beassat oaidnit ođđa mánáiddáiddačájáhusa.
If we go to the National Gallery, we can see the new children's art exhibition.
Vuosttaš olympiagilvvut ledje Greikkas badjel 3500 jagi dassái.
The first Olympic Games were held in Greece at least 3500 years ago.
Mii rievdadeimmet plánaid ja báziimet ruoktot geahččat boares filmma.
We changed our minds and stayed at home to watch an old movie.