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Sus lea miella šaddat fitnodatnisun, vaikko sus leat dánsunattáldagat.
She wants to become a business woman, even though it is dance she has talent for.
Mon barggan beaivválaččat biiladivohagas, muhto mu áigegolut leat sárgun ja málen.
Everyday I work at a car repair shop, but my hobby is to draw and paint.
Mon lean jurddašan lohkat gielaid olgoriikalaš universitehtas.
I have thought of studying languages at a foreign university.
Go mon gearggan skuvllas, de mon áiggun šaddat guolásteaddjin dahje buokčaleaddjin.
When I finish school, I will become a fisher or a driver.
Buollinčáskadeaddjit bohte juste maŋŋil go viessu lei buollán.
The fire brigade arrived just after the house had started burning.
Tuollárat sáhttet jearrat lea go dus juoidá tullet, ja sii sáhttet iskat du gálvvu.
Customs can ask if you have something to clear and check your luggage.
Ambassádat leat olgoriikalaš territoria, ja diplomáhtain lea immunitehta báikkálaš lágaid ektui.
The embassy is foreign land and diplomats have immunity against local laws.
Muhtimat háliidit orrut gávpogis, ja earát ges loktet boaittobealde.
Some prefer to live in town, and others best enjoy the country.
Leat go don agibeaivve čuojahan, vai leat go don bargan eará bargguid maiddái?
Have you always played music or have you worked with other things as well?
Fertebehtet go dii johtit unnit ásodahkii dál go fitnodat lea reastaluvvan?
Do you have to move to a smaller apartment now that the company has gone bankrupt?
Manin don háliidat šaddat go stuorut?
What do you want to become when you get bigger?