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Mun orun duon geardeviesu gávccát gearddis.
I live in that block on the 8th floor.
Máret válddii su gihtii, ja dajai: "vuolgu".
Maret took her by the hand and said "Let's go"
Leago bággu, jos ii hálit?
Do I have to if I don't want to?
Mun in gille viesu čorget, mun gal buoret manan TV geahččat.
I can't bear to clean the house, I rather watch TV.
Man boaris don leat?
What is your age?
Go biktasiid lea bassan ja goikadan, ferte ges máhccut daid.
When you have to wash and dry clothes, you must also fold them.
Leatgo don geainnanu fárrolaga?
Are you seeing someone?
Dal fertet ovddosguvlui jurddašit.
Now we have to think ahead.
Dađistaga mii hárjáneimmet buollašii.
Gradually we got used to the freezing weather.
In moddjáše politihkkáriidda bálkká ovddas ge.
I wouldn't smile for politicians even if I were paid.
Liikká orru mannamin dan guvlui.
It still seems to go in that direction.
Don leat dego vilgesbalva beaivvadagas.
You are like a white cloud in a sunny sky.
Lea lunddolaš ahte diet čoahkkin dollo Álttás.
It is natural that this meeting is held in Alta.
Eat soaitte oba oažžut ge áirasa Sámediggái.
We may not even get a representative to the Sami Parliament.
Dás beasat lohkat muhtin áššiid maid birra Áššu lea čállán mannan jagi.
Here you will read about some issues that Áššu has written about the past year.
Son beasai militearabálvalusas.
He was exempted from the military service.