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Badjelaš guovtti jagi barggu maŋŋá min ođđa cd-skearru lea viimmat gárvvis.
After more than two years of work, our new CD is finally ready.
Johnny Olsen muitala ahte tráktorii máksá ođđa juvla sullii 10 000 ruvnnu, ja dan oktavuođas šattai ovddit divuheapmi máksit gosii 40 000 ruvnnu.
Johnny Olsen says that on a tractor, a new wheel costs about 10,000 crowns, and on this subject there was a previous repair amounting to almost 40,000 crowns.
Reading the New Testament was like a mockery.
Reading the New Testament was like a mockery.
Ođđaáigásaš dánsa ja kultuvrralaš árbevierru.
Modern dance and cultural tradition.
Jos dus lea eará eatnigiella go dárogiella dahje sámegiella, de lea dus vuoigatvuohta erenoamáš dárogiela oahpahussii dassái go dus lea nu buorre dárogielmáhttu ahte sáhtát čuovvut skuvlla dábálaš oahpahusa.
If you have a mother tongue different from Norwegian or Sami, then you are entitled to special training in Norwegian until you have such a good knowledge of Norwegian that you can follow the mainstream education.
Gal doai leahppi olu bargan.
Then you two have worked a lot.
Láđus gullui gii nu skoahpamin. Lei go son dat Elle?
Someone sounded rustled in the barn. Do you think it was Elle?
Čieža čáhppes cizáža čohkkajit ja čuhket čázi čoliid čađa čoavjái.
Seven black little birds sit and lap up water through their intestines into their stomachs.
Fáhkka bážii oaivái
On a whim
Muital juste movt dat lei!
Tell us exactly how it is!
Mun boađán easkka maŋŋil go don leat mannan.
I won't come until after you've gone.
Gussanjárggas lávii jávohis jaskatvuohta go muhtii – dábálaččat golggotmánu álggus – gitta boares geassemánnui
In Kunes, there was a habit of silent calm when it was snowing - usually from early October - until long in June.
Dáin ii leat ollu ávki.
There isn't much use in these.
Muhto dál leat juo vássán golbma beaivvi dan rájes go dát dáhpáhuvai.
But it has already been three days since it happened.