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Sis lei ain boaresáigásaš áddejupmi ahte ovttadássásašvuohta lei seammaláganvuohta, namalassii ahte buohkat galge gieđahallojuvvot seammaláganin.
They still had the old-fashioned understanding that equality was the similarity, that everyone had to be treated the same way.
Ruoŧa stáhta atná ruvkedoaimmaid dehálabbon go boazodoalu ja sámiid vuoigatvuođaid.
The Swedish State regards mining activities as more important than reindeer farming and the rights of the Sami.
Mo geavai čáhppesolbmuid rivttiiguin maŋŋá siskkáldassoađi?
How did it go with the rights of the black people after the civil war?
Almmá mu dieđekeahttá
Without my knowing
Mun lean veahá beahtahallan.
I am a little disappointed.
Apmasat áššit
Stranger things
Bussá ii goassege leat eahpemávssolaš.
A cat is never irrelevant.
Iigo leat buoret dahkamušaid?
Isn't there anything else to do?
Fabrihkkabargit ledje suoli doallan čoahkkima.
The factory workers had held a meeting in secrecy.
Guđa mánu geahčen oažžu dollet Olmmáivággái.
In six months she will travel to Manndalen.
Soai leaba iežaineaskka jurddašan ahte dál ii gánnát biilla oastit.
They have come to the conclusion that it isn't worth it to buy a car now.
Ferte diktit mánáid iešheanalis bargat.
One must let the children work on their own.
Dan áigásaš addojuvvon prentehusa geavadat (mii sisttisdoalai láhtuma dikteremis), guokte prentehusa eai leat ideanttalaččat ja dat lea relatiivalaččat hárvenaš gávdnat guokte kopiija, mat leat aiddo seammáláganat.
Given the publishing practices of this era (which included composition from a dictation), two editions will not be identical and it is relatively rare to find two copies quite similar.
Danin leage dehálaš ahte váhnemat fidnejit dárbbašlaš dieđuid dan gillii maid áddejit.
That's why it's so important for parents to get the necessary information in the language they understand.