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Bargoealáhagat dorvvastit birgenlági boarisvuođa, bargonávccahisvuođa, bargguhisvuođa ja oasseáigásaš barggu áigge sihke bearašfuolaheaddji jápmima maŋŋá.
Workers' pensions provide a means of subsistence in old age, incapacity for work, unemployment and part-time work and after the death of the breadwinner.
Áhpedovtta lea stuorát go dábálaš dovtta, muhto unnit go vilgesnjunáhpedovtta.
The loonie is larger than the common Arctic diver but smaller than the white-beaked diver.
Mielki suvrrui spánnja sisa.
Milk got sour in the bucket.
Manne don ovtto biegut?
How come you're always complaining?
Áigi golihii
It went late
Nu čuožžu lágas.
That's how it says in the law.
Skuvla atná hui ollu dárogielat oahppogirjjiid.
The school uses a lot of Norwegian-language textbooks.
Ieš go leat gorron gávtti? In leat.
Have you sewn a gakti yourself? No, I haven't.
Sámediggi juolludii mielas ruđaid dakkár prošektii.
The [Norwegian] Sami Parliament has gladly provided funds for such a project.
Norgga vuosttaš sámi bisma doallá sámegiel ipmilbálvalusa Sámi álbmotbeaivvi doaluid oktavuođas Bergena duopmogirkus.
Norway's first Sámi Bishop holds a religious service in Sámi in solidarity with the Sámi National Day event at Bergen Cathedral.
Deaŧalaš govastat guovvamánu 6. b. ávvudeamis lea leavga.
The important symbol of the February 6 celebration is the flag.
Moadde čuođi mehtera eret lea mánáidgárddi lávvu.
Two or three hundred meters away is the kindergarten's lavvu.
Lávus lea dolla ja árrana badjel heaŋgá bohccobiergu.
In the lavvu there is a fire and above the hearth hangs reindeer meat.
Dattetge álbmotlohkamat čájehit ahte sámi oassi, ain juo min jahkečuođis, oba áiggi lea leamaš stuorit go kveana oassi.
Nevertheless, the censuses show that the share of the Sami, as far as our century is concerned, has always been greater than that of the Kvens.
Dasto lasihii ahte ii leat eará go boares diida.
Then he added that it is nothing but old superstition.
Mo son iežat mielas manai?
Well did that go well or what? (sarcastic)
Muđui atná giellaráđđi deaŧalažžan joatkit ovttasbarggu badjel rájiid.
Otherwise, the Language Council considers it important to continue cooperation across borders.
Mun fitnen álggos rámbuvrris ja dasto mannen báŋkui.
I first stopped by the store and then I went to the bank.