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Máret muitalii ságaid buohkaide.
Maret told the news to all of them.
It go leat geargan? In leat.
Haven't you finished? I haven't.
Mun ságastallen guhká doaktáriin.
I spoke with the doctor for a long time.
"Suoma presideanta rahpandoaluin" lea gal dál vehá dušši frása.
'The President of Finland at the opening ceremony' is a bit of a useless phrase right now.
1975:s lei láiraeanauđas mii jalgii buot dieid merrii, golbma olbmo dušše ja maŋŋil eai šat huksen dohko.
In 1975 there was a clay landslide that took all that to the sea, three people died and after that, we no longer built here.
Nieida čilgii dikkis dárogillii, čielgasit ja álkit.
The girl explained herself at the trial clearly and easily in Norwegian.
Doppe son háliidii oažžut vuoiŋŋalaš ja oskkolaš inspirašuvnna, amas lihkostuvvat, muhto aŋkke mátkkis lei mearkkašahtti váikkuhus su girjjiide.
There, he wished to obtain spiritual and religious inspiration, but did not succeed [so as not to succeed], but at least his journey had a significant influence on his books.
Mii galgat birget njálgáid haga.
We will do without sweets.
Moai ean vuollán goassege.
The two of us never give up.
Guhtura ja Avvila gaskkas leat 30 guoikasaji.
There are 30 waterfalls between Guhtur and Ivalo.
Mearrádusas čujuhit ahte eai leat leamaš olbmot doppe.
In their decision, they show that there have not been people there.