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Dál lea golbma njealjádas čuohtejahki dassái go vuosttaš dáččat bohte Østerdalas ja gilvigohte dáččaid bargguid, dárogiela ja vieruid dan amas garra guvlui.
It is now three quarters of a century since the first Norwegians arrived from Østerdalen and began to spread Norwegian professional activities, Norwegian and customs in this unfamiliar land.
Dáččaid kultuvra galggai ovddiduvvot iešguđet skuvlafágain, leaččai dal historjá, lávlun, gievkkanbargu dehe giehtačehppodat.
Norwegian culture [of Norwegians] had to be encouraged in every school subject, which could be history, singing, cooking or craftsmanship.
Dán gihppagačča ávdnasat leat čoggon jagiid guhkkodahkii.
The elements of this small booklet have been assembled throughout the years.
Mun ledjen sullii jahkásaš dalle go dat dávda njoamui munnje.
I was about a year old when this disease infected me.
Sáttomohgáddi lei buoremus báiki máilmmis, gitta dassážii go šadden nuppelot jahkásažžan.
Sandland was the best place in the world until I became a teenager.
Dađistaga muorraeallit ožžot namaid, vaikko golmmajahkásaš muhtumin gohčoda heastta gussan.
Little by little, wooden animals receive names even if there is a three-year-old [toddler] who calls a horse a cow.
Seamma mearra, eará gáddi.
Same sea, different shore.
Dál dat ii leat lahka ge nu mávssolaš go ovdal.
Now it is not as important as it was in the vicinity.
Lei nu liekkas doppe ahte mun veahá gordojin ja áfáiduvven nu ahte dál mu muođuin leat čáihmmit/čáđmmit.
It was so hot over there that I got a little toasted and tanned so much that I now have freckles on my cheeks.
Guđemuš beatnagiid galgá báttis veaddit?
Which dogs need to be kept on a leash?
Bellodaga buoremus válga lea eahpitkeahttá stuorradiggeválga jagis 1997, goas bellodat oaččui 12,7 proseantta jienain.
The best election of the party is undoubtedly the election to the Norwegian Parliament of 1997 where he obtained 12.7% of the votes.