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Vuoi bás prinssažan. Vehažiid mielde oahppagohten áddet du unna morašlaš eallima. Guhkes áigai dus eai lean eara ilut go láđis eahketroađit.
Ah! little prince, I have understood, little by little, thus, your little melancholy life. For a long time you had only distracted the sweetness of the sunsets.
Son leaikkastallá vel ahte ammahal Norgga stáda ii oba dovdda ge dála márkaniid.
He is joking at the fact that probably the Norwegian state does not know the current markets.
Son lei gonagasnieida geainna ii oktage birgen.
She was the king's daughter, whom no one could handle.
Mu ii gánnát hástalit, it muinna gal birge.
It doesn't pay to challenge me, you can't handle me.
Meroštallet sullii 23.000 tonna ruskkaid Barentsábi botnis, muitala dutki mearradutkaninstituhtas.
It is estimated that there is about 23,000 tons of garbage on the bottom of the Barents Sea, announces a researcher from the Institute of Maritime Research.
Munbat galggan buot áššiin fuolahit?
Do I have to take care of everything?
Dáhpáhus váikkuhii eatnagiidda.
The event affected many of them.
Iđđedis lei guoldu, muhto beaivet de firtii.
In the morning there were snowflakes, but in the day it was nice weather.
Dán vuonas ii lean ge sáidi deaŧalaččamus geasseguolli, muhto baicca dorski ja juksu.
In this fjord it is probably not saithe which is the most important summer fish, but rather cod and haddock.