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In háliit gullat duokkáraš sivahis čuoččuhusaid.
I don't want to hear baseless statements like that there.
Mii attiimet čađat dieđuid Sámediggái min barggus ja sávaldagas.
We have continuously informed the Sámi Parliament about our work and our wish.
Vuosttaš lea oažžut nannejuvvot daid oktasaš vuoigatvuođaid mat sámiin lea don doložis juo leamaš.
The first is to strengthen the common rights that the Sami have had since very long ago.
Álggu geahčen juovlamánu ráhkkanišgohte mánát juovllaide.
At the beginning of December, the children begin preparing for Christmas
Ovllá vujii máŋgii ovddos maŋos biillain ovdal go deaivvai njuolga sázuid gaskii.
Ovllá drove the car back and forth several times before he got it parked between the straight lines.
De ráfi, dát máilbmi lea gallánan vašiin.
It's time for peace, the world has seen enough hate.
Mumi imaš muohtamáilmmis
Moomin in a wonderful snowland
Gufihtar lea háldi mii eallá eatnanvuolde.
The Gufihtar is an elf who lives underground.
Dat leat olbmo hápmásaččat.
They have a human form.
Gufihttarat guođohit eatnan alde bohccuideaset, muhto dikšot maiddái gusaid, sávzzaid ja gáiccaid.
Gufihtars graze their reindeer on the ground, but also cows, sheep and goats.
Lea dehálaš čohkket boazodoallotearpmaid, dan bále go ain gávdnojit boazosámit geat máhttet dáid.
It is important to gather reindeer herds while there are still reindeer herders who can.