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Beaivváš lea buot deháleamos energiijagáldu olles beaivvášgottis, ja danin ge eallin eatnanspáppa alde livččii veadjemeahttun beaivváža haga.
The sun is by far the most important source of energy in the entire solar system, and that is why life on earth would be impossible without the sun.
Eai ávžžut gilvit buđehiid seamma beldui eanet go guokte jagi.
They encourage not to put potatoes in the same field for more than two years.
Ammahal sii galget diehtit gos leat ovddeš johtolagat.
They should probably know where the previous moving routes are.
Guovlladin Ándde geahčen.
I looked at Ande.
Danin hásttuhan ohppiid váhnemiid váikkuhit áššái.
Therefore, I encourage the students' parents to influence the case.
Nuoraide lágiduvvojedje gilvvut.
Competitions were organized for the young people.
Dolla, vácce muinna.
Fire, walk with me.
Dan áigásaš addojuvvon prentehusa geavadat (mii sisttisdoalai láhtuma dikteremis), guokte prentehusa eai leat ideanttalaččat.
Given the publishing practices of this era (which included composition from a dictation), two editions will not be identical.
Dat lea relatiivalaččat hárvenaš gávdnat guokte kopiija, mat leat aiddo seammáláganat.
It is relatively rare to find two copies quite similar.
Sii livčče dinen mihá eambbo jus livčče goikadan guliid.
They would have earned much more if they had dried the fish.