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Buoremus dáidá muitalit buot.
Maybe it is best to tell everything.
Mii eat leat hárjehallan dán lávlaga.
We haven't practiced this song.
Ale fal nahket gieđa stáidnára njálmmi ovddabeallai!
Don't put your hand in front of that piece of stone!
Vuosttažettiin danin go dieinna vugiin ii sáhte nuvttá riŋget.
First and foremost, because it's like that, it is not possible to make free calls.
Čájálmas bistá sullii guokte diimmu.
The performance lasts about two hours.
Mii fertet duostat mieđihit ahte sámi servvodagas lea šaddan bahádáhpi go mii jávohuvvat go baicca galggašeimmet jiena bajidit – ja cealkit ahte mii eat dohkket veahkaválddi.
We must dare to admit that in the Sami community there has developed a bad habit of keeping quiet when we should rather raise our voices - and declare that we do not accept violence.
Livččii jallodat gáddit ahte mus dahje geas nu earás livčče miella dan bargat.
It would have been foolish to believe that I or someone else would like to do so.
Gal mun dál oainnán man duođat diet sánit leat maid vuoras olbmot lávejit lohkat.
Now I see how true the words are that old people tend to say.