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Ruovttus lei dievas moivi.
At home there was total chaos.
Váiban lea rieban, leabahan Ray-Ban.
The fox is tired, but at least it has Ray-Bans.
Lea guokte jagi dassái go bohten Romsii.
It's been two years since I came to Tromso.
Ruovttu ja gili kultuvra ja eallinvuohki ii gávdnon skuvlagirjjiin ii ge oahpaheddjiid oahpaheamis.
Domestic and village culture and lifestyle were not found in textbooks or teacher education.
Ohcat olbmo gii máhttá sámegiela sihke čálalaččat ja njálmmálaččat.
We seek a person who knows Sami in both writing and orally.
Su mielas evttohusa ráhkadettiin geográfalaš áššit eai leat doarvái bures smihttojuvvon.
In his view, while developing the proposal, geographic issues were not adequately considered.
Son ferte leat várrogas go vázzá amas gáhččat.
He must be careful when walking, so he doesn't fall.
Dus dat keat fiinna sepmonat!
That's a sweet mustache!
Anára birrasis ja Ohcejoga guovllus geainnut, erenomážit váldogeaidnu 4, leat heajos ortegis.
In the vicinity of Inari and in the direction of Utsjoki, the roads, and particularly the main road 4, are in a sad state.
Leatgo jábmi vel? - Na nu, dál lean.
Are you dead yet? Okay, now I am.