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Sirdu dan beavddi, man alde lea TV.
Let's move the table that the TV is on.
Čakčat, go galbmigoahtá, lea bihci buorre mearka dasa ahte áigi állanišgoahtá dálvvi guvlui ja de sáhttá oaidnit ahte eana ja stohporobit leat bihcon.
In the fall, when it starts to get cold, the frost is certainly a sign that it is starting to move towards winter and then you can see that the ground and the rooftops are covered with frost.
Doppe sáhttá speallat biljárda, dánset ja deaivvadit eará nuoraiguin.
There one can play billiards, dance, and meet other young people.
Báhppa humadii konfirmánttaiguin.
The minister spoke with the confirmation candidates.
Sii geat dieiguin sáddagiiguin barget, eai leat bálkáhuvvon bargit.
Those who work with these broadcasts are not paid employees.
Nuppe beaivvi juo máhcaiga ruovttoluotta.
The very next day, the two of them came back.
Mun in leat beroštuvvan das ahte dat ii leat dušši.
I'm not interested in the fact that it isn't useless.
Muhto buohkat eahpidedje ahte basttášiigo oktage deavdit guorusin báhcán saji.
But everyone doubted that someone would be able to fill that space.
Son gažai gallát skuvlajagi mun dál váccán.
She asked about which school year I am going now.
Áigi gollá ja ruđat gollet.
Time goes by and money goes away.
Oktii gádden ahte ledjen meaddán, muhto feilejin.
Once I thought I was wrong; turns out I was mistaken.