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NVE dieđiha maid, ahte dáid lagamus beivviid eat dárbbaš Finnmárkkus ballat dulvvis.
The NVE also informs that in the next few days you do not need to fear flooding in Finnmark.
Oahppit leat dolkan guolit.
The students have grown tired of fish.
Internáhtta lei nuortta bealde Guovdageainnu márkanšaldi.
The boardingschool was on the eastern side of the village bridge in Kautokeino.
Čábbaseamos guovssahasat maid lean oaidnán.
The most beautiful northern lights I've ever seen.
Ammahal dál doaibmá go measta buohkat stivrras leat eret seamma báikkis.
Now it will probably work since almost everyone on the board is from the same place.
Bihtánsámiid birra máŋggas eai leat gullan ge.
Many have not heard of the Pite Sami.
Eanáš bihtánsámit ellet Ruoŧas, muhto sii gávdnojit maiddái Norggas, vaikko sin giella ii šat hubmo Norgga bealde.
Most Pite Sami live in Sweden, but they are also found in Norway, although their language is no longer spoken on the Norwegian side.
Ruovttoluotta vuođđoáššiide.
Back to basics.
Danin lea ge mu mielas nu ártet.
Therefore I also think it's quite nice.