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Vaikko liikojit biergogáhkuide, de goitge daidda dolket.
Although they like meatballs, they still get tired of them.
Dasto ferten eará čovdosa gávdnat.
If so, I have to find another solution.
Guđege kultuvrra jurddašanvuohki lea váikkuheamen dasa, mii adnojuvvo kultuvran ja mii luondun.
The philosophy of each culture has an impact on what is considered cultural and what is considered natural.
Njoammil ii viššan hukset alcces beasi.
The hare did not bother to build nests for itself.
Mannan geasi ledje guhkes gálut.
Last summer it was long cool weather.
Sii eai deattut dušše fal sámi kultuvrra, muhto maiddái máŋggakultuvrralaš diliid.
They not only emphasize Sami culture, but also on multicultural issues.
Doama doama Toimi doaimmain – sihkkarit oađát buorebut!
Hurry up and follow Toimi's action plan, surely you'll sleep better!
Ii mihkkege nu heittot, ahte juonin ii leat buorre.
There's nothing so bad that it's not good for something.