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Gili olbmot dárbbašit gean nu gii sáhtášii jođánit čoavdit dán ášši.
The local people need someone who can quickly solve this case.
Viessu lei boaris oaidnit ja uhccán geasuheaddji.
The house looked old and unattractive.
Áibbas dušši olles hommá!
This whole thing sucks!
Boastajuogadeddjiide lea muhtumin veadjemeahttun diehtit geasa reivvet gullet.
For post officers it is sometimes impossible to know who the letters belong to.
FeFo ruhta doarjja galgá veahkehit lassánahttit meahcástallama ja luonddugeavaheami
The financial support of the FeFo [Finnmark Land Management Organization] aims to help increase outdoor activities and the use of nature.
Doarjja addo vuosttažettiin doaimmaide mat ovddidit fysalaš lihkadeami.
A grant is awarded primarily to activities that encourage physical movement.
Ii addo dábálaččat doarjja ásahit ja doaimmahit bissovaš visttiid ja rusttegiid.
A subsidy is generally not granted for the installation and operation of permanent buildings and equipment.
Elle álgá skuvlii diimmu ovdal go earát.
Elle starts school one hour earlier than others.
In leat vázzi sátnegirji.
I'm not a walking dictionary.
Mu áibmofanas lea dievva ággarasaid.
My hovercraft is full of eels.
Ánne dovddai gamus ahte Ánte bođii sealggabeallái, vaikko ii gullan ge su.
Ánne felt Ánte come behind her, even though she didn't hear him.