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Daidda čatnasit ollu ovdagáttut.
There are many prejudices associated with them.
Jus ovttasge lea dárbu geainna nu háleštit dáhpáhusa birra, de lea mis doppe olmmoš geainna sáhttá váldit oktavuođa
If someone needs to talk to someone about the event, then we have people there to contact.
Anus lea anus anus.
Anu has an anus in use.
Mánát álggos vávjet ja amastit Kárenina.
In the beginning, the children criticize Kárenina as a stranger.
Aborta definišuvdna: ”Go áhpehisvuohta loahpahuvvo dahje bissehuvvo ovdal go ohki sáhttá eallit olggobealde eatnieallaga.”
Abortion, definition: When the pregnancy is completed or interrupted before the fetus is likely to live outside the uterus.
Fargga dat duođain svennjoda.
Soon it got truly dark.
Vuođđolága mielde sáhttá Gonagas duomu haga bidjat eret ámmátolbmuid.
According to the Constitution, the King can dismiss officials without a judgment.
Suoma vuođđoláhkaváljagoddi. Finddar. Goabbá don livččet dál milloseappot?
The Finnish Constitutional Law Committee. The European flounder. Which would you rather be right now?
Son golaha visot maid dine.
He uses everything he earns.
Dán oahpponeavvus leat dieđut, bargovuogit ja evttohusat mo sáhttá bargat etihkain, oskkuin ja filosofiijain mánáidgárddis.
We have in this educational tool information, working methods and proposals on how we can work with ethics, religion and philosophy in kindergarten.
Mii máksit lahka 10 ruvnno bensinlittaris.
We pay close to 10 kroner per liter for petrol.
Mun áiggun gilvit nisuid duon beldui.
I'll sow wheat in the field over there.
Buolašin ferte ruvjet njuovvan viđa.
In frost conditions, you must separate everything immediately after slaughter.