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Loahpageažis 1400-logus gávppašanstáhtat geanuhuvvot.
By the end of the 1400s, the mercantile states were weakened.
Dat stuoriduvvon gonagasfámut Ruoŧŧa-Suopma ja Danmárku-Norga šadde 1500-logus riidalit Ruošša vuostá gii galggai mearridit Jiekŋameara birra.
The expanding royal powers, Sweden-Finland and Denmark-Norway, had to fight in 1500 against Russia, which intended to take control over the entire Arctic Ocean.
Váhnemat háliidit bidjat mánáset mánáidgárdái.
The parents will put their child in the kindergarten.
Aline láve doallat kurssaid nuoraide ja mánáide.
Aline uses courses for youth and children.
Okta máilmmi riikkain gos bummol šaddá lea Burkina Faso Afrihkás.
One of the countries in the world where cotton grows is Burkina Faso in Africa.
Loavttán buorebut jiekŋačázis go geassebáhkkasis.
I like ice-swimming better than hot weather.
Guldal vaikko Frozena davvisámegillii.
Listen to Frozen or whatever in Northern Sami.